Are you in IT security yet not allowed to patch vulnerable systems?

Do you have five bosses, each of which must approve changes?

Enter Undocumented Admin!

Friendly white-hat hackers

Who gently access your vulnerable systems and patch them for you.

Need it to look realistic?

We'll leave dummy backdoors. Forensics will think we just patched to secure our access.

Do the updates break some other department's workflow?

Not your problem!

It's not your fault. Blame "the hackers" with Undocumented Admin. Best of all, they won't dare replace it with the vulnerable version again. That caused a breach!

Who did we build Undocumented Admin for?

We love small IT departments. They make small and medium sized businesses around the world better. They help make their companies achieve goals and grow. We did it for you!

Best of all, as long as we are able to support, it's completely free!

Why should you trust Undocumented Admin?

Well, would you rather have us or some black hat do it first?

I literally cannot even believe this site

Anonymous potential customer

If you can't trust anonymous hackers on the internet, who can you trust?

Undocumented Admin contributor

Get Started Fixing Your Vuln Problems Now

Whether your management likes it or not

  1. Just submit your vulnerable IP/port/subdomain/URL with exact OS and software versions, and we'll do the rest!
  2. Does the buggy software run with reduced privileges? Leave an admin password (oops!), you can thank us later.
  3. Need a privesc fixed instead of an RCE? We'll send you a macro doc; keep clicking OK on those dialogs and don't worry about a thing.

Are you a friendly White Hat and want to help out?

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